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Drawing-wire Machine For Profiled Surface
This drawing-wire machine is specially developed by our company, which is used for brushing the surface of nonconventional type aluminum alloy profiles. Four-sided simultaneous brushing or one-sided brushing can be chose accordingly.
Service line

400-1088-778 / 0757-85588578

Main Features:

1. Adopts servo motor and PLC control.
2. Easy operation, reliable performance, high efficiency.

Main Technical Parameters:

Profile Cross Section (Maximum)
200×100 mm
Profile Cross Section (Minimum)
45×45 mm
Length of Profile 加工型材长度
2000 ~ 6000 mm
Brushing Speed 拉丝速度
0 ~ 13 m/min
Air Pressure
0.6 ~ 0.8 MPa
Total Power
1.15 kW
380 V
Dimension (L*W*H)
7800 × 2000 × 2000 mm
3000 kg Approx.

NOTES: Customized design according to customers’ demand. These parameters are for conventional configuration. The actual parameters of the equipment are subject to the ex- factory products. Please provide clear indication in the contract for any special requirements.