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Thermal Contraction Packaging Machine
This machine is applied to the packing of stainless steel profiles, plastic steel profiles, aluminum alloy profiles and other products. By the way of heating shrinkage treatment for the plastic film shrink of the product surface, so as to ensure the product is free from the damage during transport.
Service line

400-1088-778 / 0757-85588578

Main Technical Parameters:

Cross Section of Profile Packed (W*H) (Maximum)
350 × 220 mm
Feeding Speed
16 ~ 25 m/min
Transporting Weight
50 kg
Total Power
15 kW
380 V
Dimension (L*W*H)
2310 × 760 × 1535 mm
Auxiliary Rack Dimension (L*W*H)
2500 × 500 × 800 mm
520 kg Approx.
NOTES: Customized design according to customers’ demand. These parameters are for conventional configuration. The actual parameters of the equipment are subject to the ex- factory products. Please provide clear indication in the contract for any special requirements.